1. When I paste data from the history, the current clipboard content is pasted instead of the necessary data

Try to increase a value of the Compatibility Delay, you can find this parameter in the Options window, look at "Paste Options" page. Try to set it to 150 or even 200. This often helps to resolve such a problem. If this does not help you can try to disable the "Restore Clipboard Content after pasting a Clip" feature.

2. Ctrl+D (the default hotkey) conflicts with other combinations

You can select any combination that suits you. Open the program options, switch to the Hot Keys tab and specify a new combination.

3. When I start the computer I get a pop-up error message saying: 'Error while registering hotkey combination for pasting current clipboard as plain text. Please, select another combination in the Options'. What should I do?

Some program at your PC uses CTRL+SHIFT+V shortcut, you need to change it.

  1. Open Clipdiary
  2. Select File -> Options
  3. Go to Hot Keys tab
  4. Change the Hot Key for pasting plain text to any other combination or press SPACE to delete it.
  5. Press OK

4. I copy data from Clipdiary and it appears at the beginning of the list, why is that?

We suppose that if you copy data from Clipdiary, you need it at the moment and you may need it once again after a while and it will be better if it is closer to the beginning of the list.
You can change this behavior using Option -> Advanced.

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