Clipboard Manager save everything that is copied to clipboard

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v. 3.6 February 10'2015
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v. 3.6 February 10'2015

Track your clipboard history

Clipdiary is a powerful clipboard manager, which records every piece of data that goes to the Windows clipboard, meaning that you can easily retrieve any information that was once copied to the clipboard.

Clipboard manager for tracking the clipboard history

Main features

  • Clipdiary monitors the clipboard and automatically saves its contents to the clipboard history
  • Supports text, links, images, files, and all other clipboard format
  • Clipboard history persists between reboots
  • You can retrieve the data stored in the clipboard history whenever you need, even after years

You can

  • Paste saved data directly into any application
  • Fast copy data back to the clipboard
  • Paste text without formatting (as plain text)
  • Find data you once copied to the clipboard
  • View the list of clips in the clipboard history viewer window
  • Recover data accidentally replaced in the clipboard
  • Improve your productivity and save lots of time with our clipboard manager


  • Unlimited clipboard history
  • Advanced search
  • Multipasting
  • Quick Copy next or previously clip using only hot keys
  • Pasting clipboard content as plain text
  • Filtering application, format, and hot key in application
  • Cleanup wizard
  • Moving clips in the list
  • Editing title of clip
  • Preview images (F8)
  • Export clips to file
  • Support of Clipboard Viewer Ignore Format
  • Searching text of the clip in the web browser (Alt+G)
  • Fully customizable behaviour and interface
  • Portable version