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Version: 5.7

Release date: December 10'21

OS: Windows 10/8/7

Version for Windows XP 3.9: installer, portable

Size: 4.2 Mb

Portable: Just extract archive to any folder and run clipdiary-portable.exe

Localization: Arabic, Bosnian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese(Brazilian), Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish(Mexican), Swedish, Turkish

What's new

  • Added: New global hot keys for opening Snippets tab #2 and #3 (See Options - Hot keys)
  • Added: New global hot key for turn on\off monitor clipboard (See Options - Hot keys)
  • Added: Feature for copying Snippets between databses
  • Added: Feature for creating multiple Snippets from Clipboard History
  • Added: Support for "Read Only" Snippets database
  • Added: Label sorting feature (Labels - Mange labels - Sort...)
  • Improvement: Better HDPI support
  • Added: Support for multiple Snippets tabs \ databases (Options - Database).
  • Fixed: Problems with pasting text to target window and displaying clipboard history list for latest Windows 10 update.
  • Added: New key combinations Alt + Arrow Up \ Down - Collapse \ Expand all Snippets.
  • Improvement: A lot of small bug fixes and improvements.
  • Added: New option "Watch file for changes" for Snippets database. Turned off by default, if you want to use shared database - you should manually turn it on
  • Fixed: A few bugs discovered in version 5.5.
  • Added: Synchronization the Snippets database between computers using cloud services (Dropbox, MS OneDrive, etc.)
  • Added: An automatically back up for the Snippets database.
  • Added: A restore for the Snippets database from backup.
  • Added: A new Option - Exit Confirmation (Options - Advansed - Trobleshuting).
  • Fixed: A crash when the system shuts down.
  • Fixed: A bug with the processing of the macro in the "Type in" function.
  • Added: Paste Menu - a simple and quick way to paste the latest clips and snippets (required setup, see Options -> Hot keys).
  • Added: New function "Type in" for clips and snippets - input text by keystroke emulation.
  • Fixed: Problem when capturing clips from MS Excel.
  • Improvements: A few other small fixes and changes.
  • Added: 4 new global hot key combinations (see Options -> Hot keys)
  • Added: Shortcuts for quick select clip\template in main window (Use ctrl+)
  • Added: A new feature - view\edit clip
  • Added: New type in the Snippets - text with formating (RTF)
  • Added: Now you can use macro functions in Snippets
  • Improvement: a lot of small bug fixes and improvements
  • Added: New type in the Snippets - Clip. Now you can use rich text, HTML, images, files as the snippet
  • Improved: Better HIDPI support
  • Added: New mode - Latest clips at the top (reverse order). See Options - Advanced
  • Improved: Get rid of showing clips page by page. Now simple three modes - View -> Number of clips -> Less\More\All (CTRL+F1). You can customize this in Options - Advanced
  • Improved: New option: an In-Memory database for the clipboard history (all data stored only in memory without using database file on the disk)
  • Added: Information about original URL for HTML clips. You can see it in the tooltip or open the original web page using the context menu for the clip
  • Improved: Clip text is now displayed at the top of the tooltip, always in a fixed position. You can return the old mode in the options
  • Added: Shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+S for "Save to file..." command.
  • Added: Snippets - often used text templates for quick pasting.
  • Added: Database encryption support (AES-256)
  • Added: Mouse hotkey (see Options -> Hot keys -> Mouse)
  • Added: Support pasting in reverse order in Multiple Pasting window (F6)
  • Added: "Clear filter and locate clip" button (Ctrl+F9)
  • Added: %Position% macro in tooltip for quick copy
  • Please note, this version does not support Windows XP
  • Added: Smart Capture: You can use Smart Capture to catch data from any program (instead of CTRL+C or CTRL+Insert), even if the monitoring clipboard is disabled. Moreover, it is handy if you want save clip with label.
  • Added: New options: Open Clipdiary on the active monitor, improved works with multi-monitor configuration.
  • Added: Added Labels submenu into context menu.
  • Added: Paste List of Copied Files as plain text (SHIFT+Enter).
  • Improved: Advanced search behaviour.
  • Added: Swedish interface language, thanks to Åke Engelbrektson.
  • Added: Starred clips - use stars to easily mark clips as important, starred clips won't be deleted automatically.
  • Added: Labels - you can create and use labels to organize your clips into folders, like Work, Important, Private, or any other category you want.
  • Improved: search speed is increased.
  • Fixed: Problem with showing large images in tooltip.
  • New: Free personal license - Clipdiary is free to use under the following conditions...
  • Added: Preview images in the tooltip
  • Improved: Now you can insert data faster by using the RIGHT ARROW key (instead of the ENTER or double click). Use the LEFT ARROW key in order to copy clip back to the Windows clipboard. Use the CTRL + ARROW key to show/hide the tooltip and the ALT + ARROW key to quickly move through pages
  • Added: Customisable interface: font, color, icon size
  • Added: New option - use bold font for pasted\copied clips
  • Improved: New feature - the automatic mode for the number of clips per page, you can get rid of scroll bar
  • Added: Ability to filter out the big text clips (fix problems with some applications)
  • Improved: User interface and behaviour, fixed some bugs
  • Added: Cleanup wizard - now you can clean up and optimize your database in order to improve the speed of the program (see Options -> Database -> Clean up database)
  • Added: Advanced search. Use File -> Advanced search in order to use additionally filters
  • Added: Function for moving clips in the list
  • Improved: Support for Windows 8
  • Improved: Getting the clip source application name and filtering of the problem applications
  • Fixed: Problem with automatically database purge at exit
  • Fixed: Problem with copying images from browsers
  • Added: Option to selecting image format in the Export Wizard (while saving to file multiple clips)
  • Added: Romanian interface language, thanks to Erol Perchiata
  • Added: Norwegian language, thanks to Svein Jarle Molnes
  • Added: Finnish interface language, thanks to Tuomas Turunen
  • Added: Function for preview images (F8)
  • Added: Support for copying of several clips back into clipboard
  • Added: Function for searching text of the clip in the web browser (Alt+G)
  • Added: Option to automatically show tooltip when main window is opened
  • Fixed: Problem with "Advanced" submenu in main menu and F6 hotkey
  • Improvement: a lot of small bug fixes and improvements
  • Added: MultiPasting - support for pasting of several clips. Just press Enter or F6 for advanced options.
  • Added: Italian interface language, thanks to Pierpaolo Piccirilli.
  • Added: German interface language, thanks to Dieter Matissek.
  • Added: Spanish(Mexico) interface language, thanks to Traduccion de Software.
  • Added: Bosnian interface language, thanks to Jalle.
  • Added: French interface language, thanks to W. Amenel Voglozin.
  • Added: Export wizard - now you can save several clips in file(s)
  • improved: Work with search clips is much faster now. You can immediately use the Up/Down arrow keys to select from the search results. Also, you can start type the search string just in the clip list.
  • Added: Advanced options - Always move focus to newly captured clip.
  • Other: Lot of small fixes and improvements.
  • Added: Polish interface language, thanks to Wratislaw.
  • Added: Danish interface language, thanks to Regmos.
  • Added: Turkish interface language, thanks to Ali Koc.
  • Added: Indonesian interface language, thanks to Elda Taluta.
  • Added: Highlighting of pasted clips. Read about highlighting of the used clipboard history in our blog
  • Added: Export images from clipboard history to file (supports bmp, jpg, png and xpm formats).
  • Added: Advanced options for incremental search. Read about incremental search through clipboard history in our blog
  • Fixed: Case-insensitive search for non-latin characters
  • Added: Portuguese(Brazilian) interface language, thanks to Nelson Carvalho.
  • Added: Arabic interface language, thanks to Murad Amer.
  • Added: Chinese (Simplified) interface language, thanks to Hackson Wang
  • Added: Incremental search
  • Added: Option to choose the default action for the Enter key and double click (either copy or paste)
  • Added: Hot Keys filter tab in the Options - list of programs where Clipdiary should ignore its hot key pressing (useful for gamers:))
  • Added: Localization support - Clipdiary interface in your language coming soon
  • Fixed: Two bugs on multi-monitor configuration (restoring window position and problem with Quck Copy tooltip)
  • Fixed: Problem with non-latin characters in program path
  • Fixed: Error with incorrect restoring clipboard data catched in previous sessions, that caused losing information about text formating and other services information in some cases
  • Added: Dutch interface language, thanks to Gideon van Melle
  • Added: Filtering clipboard formats
  • Added: 4 advanced options for fine-tuning work with the Clipboard Viewer Ignore Format
  • Added: Support for Windows key in a global hot key combination
  • Added: List of applications where you can add programs with which Clipdiary has problems when catching data. Clipdiary won't try to get data from applications from this list.
  • Added: New 'Delay before catching data' option to the Advanced options tab. It helps to fix problem with catching data from Pidgin and some other applications
  • Fixed: Two errors in the paste plain text function (Ctrl+Shift+V)
  • Some other small improvements
  • Fixed: Problem with slow showing tooltip in Vista\Win7
  • Added: Advanced options. Now you can configue:
    • Clip title length - Config the length of the clip titles. You can see the titles in the clipboard viewer window
    • Number of clips per page - Config number of clips shown per page in the main window.
    • Adding a clip into the top of the clipboard history when copying from Clipdiary
    • Number of clips to check for dublicate
    • Use emulation of Ctrl+V or Shift+Insert key presses to paste clips - You can choose whether to emulate Ctrl+V when pasting clips
    • Automatically show full text of clip in tooltip - You can disable showing tooltips when you choose clip in the clipboard history viewer.
    • Title for Quick Copy Tooltip - Config title for the Quick Copy Tooltip
    • Time to show tooltip for quick copy and common tooltip
    • Use own word wrap algorithm for tooltips
  • Added : Option to save a clip(s) to txt file
  • Added: Multiselection
  • Added : Option to automatically paste clip after quickly copying it (ctrl + shift + arrow up/down)
  • Improved : Tooltip behaviour during selection clip for quickly copying. Read more in our blog
  • Fixed : Error during Windows 7 shutdown.
  • Fixed : Memory leak in context menu.
  • Fixed : Problem with playing sound when automatically reconnect to clipboard.
  • Added : Support of Vista Clipboard API. Extended support of Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • Added : Adding of Clipboard Viewer Ignore Format while pasting clip
  • Added : Paste as Plain Text feature - use menu Clip -> Paste as Plain Text or press Shift + Enter to paste pure text directly to any application.
  • Added : Copy as Plain Text feature - use menu Clip -> Copy as Plain Text or press Shift + Ctrl + Insert (or C) to remove any formatting from clip and copy clear text back into clipboard.
  • Added : Our clipboard tool supports the "Clipboard Viewer Ignore" format - if you copy your password from any password manager that supports this feature, Clipdiary won't catch and save it in the clipboard history.
  • Added : Hot keys for keyboard navigation through pages - Alt + Left \ Right \ Page Down \ Page Up.
  • Fixed : Critical error while searching through clipboard history using string with certain special characters.
  • Fixed : Horizontal scroll bar is now automatically moved to the start position when clipboard history viewer window appears.
  • Added : Play Sound feature
  • Fixed : Problem collecting data copied from Google Chrome 2.x
  • Added : New shortcut (F9) to clear the search filter quickly
  • Added : Hot key Ctrl+Del used for deleting Clip now works at Keypad
  • Added : Portable clipboard manager as a separate download package
  • Improved : Using one key combination as main hot key is allowed
  • Improved : Database engine is updated
  • Fixed : Some small bugs
  • Added : Search feature
  • Improved : Interaction of our clipboard tool with Windows Clipboard
  • Added : Option not to hide window after copy or paste
  • Added : Database options
  • Added : Paste options
  • Added : Portable mode support - work directly from removable media, like thumbdrives.
  • Improved : A lot of minor changes

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Happy People

If your life isn't based around endlessly copying & pasting links, image file names and chunks of text emailed out by company press departments into web windows, you might not appreciate it so much. But for me, Clip Diary's something I fire up about 30 times a day - and each time I metaphorically wipe my brow in relief.

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