All about clipboard history manager

  1. What is Clipdiary? What is it for?
  2. What is clipboard history?
  3. Why do I need the clipboard history?
  4. I installed the clipboard manager, but it shows only the last copied clip. How do I access data I copied earlier?
  5. What can I do with the saved data?
  6. Is it possible to search through the saved clipboard history?
  7. How do I find the clip I need if I approximately know its contents?
  8. How can I quickly clear the search filter and show all clipboard history?
  9. I see only 100 clips copied last, where are the rest of clips?

Clipboard monitoring or how does it work

  1. How does it work?
  2. I want to disable monitoring the clipboard for some time
  3. What does the Monitor Clipboard menu item do?
  4. What does the Empty Windows Clipboard menu item do?
  5. How does Clipdiary store data, does it need much memory or disk space?

How to...

  1. How do I copy data back to the clipboard?
  2. How do I quickly select and copy data to the clipboard?
  3. How to paste data directly to applications I am working with?
  4. How can I delete from clip all formating and paste it as a plain text?
  5. How to delete a clip in the history or even several clips at once?
  6. How to clear clipboard history?
  7. Is it possible to automatically clear the clipboard history on exit?
  8. Where is the clipboard history stored?
  9. How do I move the database to another computer?
  10. How to do so that data pasted from the history remains in the clipboard for recurrent use?
  11. I want to paste several items together. How can I do so that the program window won't hide after copy or paste?
  12. Can I change the clip title?
  13. I copied several pieces of text. Can I save all them into one file?
  14. Can I delete several clips at once?

Program Settings

  1. How many clips does your clipboard manager store?
  2. I want to use the CTRL + V keyboard shortcut to open the program
  3. When to use Paste Options?
  4. What is Hide after Copying and Pasting for?
  5. If I copy one and the same text several times, will it be added to the history one time or several times?
  6. Can Clipdiary play sound when copying data to the clipboard?


  1. When I paste data from the history, the current clipboard content is pasted instead of the necessary data
  2. Ctrl+D (the default hotkey) conflicts with other combinations
  3. When I start the computer I get a pop-up error message saying: 'Error while registering hotkey combination for pasting current clipboard as plain text. Please, select another combination in the Options'. What should I do?
  4. I copy data from Clipdiary and it appears at the beginning of the list, why is that?

Common Questions

  1. Is it possible to use the clipboard manager from a flash drive without installation?
  2. Is there a Mac or Linux\Unix version?
  3. I use a password manager and I do not want Clipdiary to save passwords I copy from there.
  4. Does this clipboard tool support Unicode?

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v. 5.7 December 10'21

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v. 5.7 December 10'21

Clipdiary is free to use under the following conditions...

Happy People

I LOVE this little program. It's probably the most used program on my computer. Thank you so very much for creating it and for the wonderful modifications that you have made. It's the first program that I suggest to EVERYONE as an invaluable tool.

Karen Stavert
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