Clipdiary is a try-before-you-buy program. It means that you can download the program from our site to evaluate its capabilities. You are entitled to evaluate the software for up to 60 days with no obligation to pay. If you decide to keep the software after 60 days you should purchase it.

Our customers get the following benefits:

Fully functional Clipdiary version - Lifetime license
Free upgrade to the future releases of the program during 12 months
Free lifetime technical support

We offer an unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee

Business License $29.99 Click to buy now     
Quantity Unit price
5 - 20$24.99
21 + $19.99
Site license (150 PCs)$1499.99

To use the program in a business, academic, or government environment, you should purchase a Business License.

We offer volume discount prices for this product, as shown in table:

Personal License $19.99 Click to buy now     

With a Personal License, you can use the program for non-commercial purposes in non-business, non-commercial environment. That is, you only intend to use it at home for private use.

Extended License $39.99 Click to buy now     

With an Extended License, you can install Clipdiary on up to five computers owned by your family members, including your work PC (like Business License).

Free Personal License

Clipdiary is free to use under the following conditions:
1. The program is used on a private computer (except for cases where a home computer is a workstation - telework, freelance work, own business)
2. The program is used on a private computer for work and your average combined income over the previous 6 months is under $1500/month
3.The program is used by in a not-for-profit organization

If you do not meet the criteria above, you need to purchase a license to use the program after the initial 60 days. By doing so, you will support our efforts and help us make further improvements in the product.
Use Help -> Activate Free in main menu.

When the payment is made, you will receive your personal registration key via e-mail. Please keep in mind that your copy of the program is for your personal use only. If you haven't received the registration letter during 24 hours, please contact us to determine and solve the problem.

We offer an unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with Clipdiary, just contact us. Do not forget to mention your order number.

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Clipdiary is free to use under the following conditions...

Happy People

I'm working as webmaster and content manager for large e-shop. During my daily work i have to use copy-paste windows buttons for coping text site content, site addresses, e-mail addresses, aim contacts, pictures. I find out that i can store only single item in clipboard buffer, so if another object is copied i lost previous and next ones. It was very great inconvenience for me until i started to use ClipDiary. It was like a pill. My copy paste productivity increased twice and i feel myself better cause i have not to worry about my clipboard buffer storage - all my copy paste content was stored and i can use where ever i want in any time. No more wasting time switching between browser tabs, doing unnecessary extra clicks. The program is really great and valuable even essential.

Andrew Dandares Webmaster, css coder, seo specialist
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