Здесь вы можете найти статьи о буфере обмена windows и истории буфера обмена.

Скачайте утилиту для буфера обмена Clipdiary и получите доступ к истории буфера обмена windows.

в. 5.7 10 Декабря 2021

в. 5.7 10 Декабря 2021

Clipdiary бесплатна для некоммерческого использования

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As an IT professional providing remote services to end users, I deal with tons of text and files every day - everything from license keys to utilities and other files. Without this program I would constantly be flipping between countless windows to recopy information I had previously grabbed. Clipdiary has saved me untold hours with it's quick view database and ability to hold such a large amount of data.

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