Clipdiary Free is a free version of Clipdiary clipboard manager. It includes all features of Clipdiary 3.0 with all bug fixes and improvement up to version 3.5. Clipdiary Free is free for private and non-commercial use. If you want to use Clipdiary in commercial environment or just get full-featured version read more about advantages of full version.

Copy and paste problem

How often do you copy/paste data? Perhaps, hundreds of times a day, just like me.

If you have never lost information stored in the clipboard, you are very lucky. Most likely, though, it happened more than once that you were trying to paste a piece of text, but something different was pasted instead - that's because the standard Windows clipboard just overwrites clipboard contents each time you copy something.

Clipboard with history added, isn't that cool?

I hated the problem, so I've made this cute program, Clipdiary Free. It is a free clipboard history manager that works almost like a time machine, because it lets you see what was in the clipboard a long time ago.

Free Windows Clipboard Manager for viewing clipboard history

As soon as you install it, you can forget about the copy/paste problem! Moreover, there's a nice clipboard diary at your disposal, so you can view clipboard history and retrieve any data that was in the clipboard some time ago.

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License: free for private, non-commercial use
OS: Windows 8/7/Vista/XP

Happy People

I'm working as webmaster and content manager for large e-shop. During my daily work i have to use copy-paste windows buttons for coping text site content, site addresses, e-mail addresses, aim contacts, pictures. I find out that i can store only single item in clipboard buffer, so if another object is copied i lost previous and next ones. It was very great inconvenience for me until i started to use ClipDiary. It was like a pill. My copy paste productivity increased twice and i feel myself better cause i have not to worry about my clipboard buffer storage - all my copy paste content was stored and i can use where ever i want in any time. No more wasting time switching between browser tabs, doing unnecessary extra clicks. The program is really great and valuable even essential.

Andrew Dandares Webmaster, css coder, seo specialist
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