How to use clipboard history manager

Clipboard history tab

In the clipboard history viewer window you can see the saved clipboard history. When you copy new data to the Windows clipboard, Clipdiary adds a new record to the bottom of the list. You can select any clip from the list and copy it to the clipboard or paste it to a target window.

Clipdiary clipboard history viewer window. You can use it to copy or paste any saved clipboard data

Snippets tab

Clipdiary Snippets makes managing text repository and pasting text templates a one click job.

Clipdiary Snippets makes managing text repository and pasting text templates a one click job

Program Options

Options Window of Clipdiary clipboard history viewer. Select Hot Keys for quick coping data to clipboard

Smart Capture

Mouse options

Interface options

Advanced options

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Happy People

I'm working as webmaster and content manager for large e-shop. During my daily work i have to use copy-paste windows buttons for coping text site content, site addresses, e-mail addresses, aim contacts, pictures. I find out that i can store only single item in clipboard buffer, so if another object is copied i lost previous and next ones. It was very great inconvenience for me until i started to use ClipDiary. It was like a pill. My copy paste productivity increased twice and i feel myself better cause i have not to worry about my clipboard buffer storage - all my copy paste content was stored and i can use where ever i want in any time. No more wasting time switching between browser tabs, doing unnecessary extra clicks. The program is really great and valuable even essential.

Andrew Dandares Webmaster, css coder, seo specialist
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