1. What is Clipdiary? What is it for?

Clipdiary is a tool that keeps the clipboard history for you. Clipdiary monitors the clipboard and saves the full history of copied data to its internal database.

2. What is clipboard history?

It is a set of all data (multiple clips) that you copied to the clipboard: texts in various formats (plain text, rtf, html), images, file lists. We call each of these data bits a clip. So the clipboard history is a set of clips arranged chronologically.

3. Why do I need the clipboard history?

It is really convenient to have everything you copied earlier at hand. No, it is not just convenient - it is enormously convenient. You have to try it to feel all its power. At any moment you can get data you copied 10 minutes ago or yesterday. You can find and recover information lost long ago. And the most important thing is that it means practically instant access to the recently copied clips - you can work faster.

4. I installed the clipboard manager, but it shows only the last copied clip. How do I access data I copied earlier?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to access data that you copied before you installed Clipdiary. Data in the clipboard is overwritten each time you copy anything. It is exactly the drawback that the clipboard history manager is designed to fix.

5. What can I do with the saved data?

  • Quickly copy it back to the clipboard.
  • Paste any clip from the history directly to the selected application.
  • Search for the necessary clip by its contents.
  • Find out what program the data was copied from.
  • Delete clips.

6. Is it possible to search through the saved clipboard history?

Yes, of course. It is possible to search by contents in Clipdiary. For example, you can type "http://" in the search field to filter all clips that contain a link.

7. How do I find the clip I need if I approximately know its contents?

  1. Type the search text in the field in the lower-left corner of clipboard history window.
  2. Click the Set button to set the filter (or press Enter on the keyboard).
  3. The history list will contain only clips matching the search criteria after that.
  4. Click Clear (or F9) to switch back to the normal mode.

8. How can I quickly clear the search filter and show all clipboard history?

Press F9 to clear the search filter and see all clipboard history clips. Or press Ctrl+F9 to leave focus on the currently selected clip from the search results. More in our blog

9. I see only 100 clips copied last, where are the rest of clips?

Clipdiary displays only last 100 clips by default. In order to change this use View -> Number of clips -> Less\More\All. You can customize this in Options - Advanced...

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For such a simple app, it's sure useful. Don't know how I got along without it for so many years. I mean, seriously. I would never have guessed how handy this would be. Not often I'm this happy with software. Clipdiary doesn't do much, but what it does, it does REALLY well.

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