1. How do I copy data back to the clipboard?

  1. Select the string with the necessary data in clipboard history window
  2. Select Clip -> Copy to Clipboard in the menu
  3. Click the Copy to Clipboard icon on the toolbar
  4. Just press the usual Ctrl+C key combination

2. How do I quickly select and copy data to the clipboard?

One of the great features available in Clipdiary that allows you to practically instantly get back to the recently copied data is the feature of quick data copy without opening the history window. Press the Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Up combination in any program and Clipdiary will copy the previous clip in the history to the clipboard and show you the copied text as a popup hint.
The Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Down combination copies the next clip in the history.

3. How to paste data directly to applications I am working with?

When the cursor is in the text input field of the necessary application:

  1. Press Ctrl+D to open the history window.
  2. Use the arrow keys to select the necessary string.
  3. Press Enter (or use the "Paste to Target" icon on the toolbar)
The Clipdiary window will be hidden and the data will be pasted to the input field.

4. How can I delete from clip all formating and paste it as a plain text?

In order to paste as plain text use menu Clip -> Paste as Plain Text or press Shift + Enter to paste pure text directly to any application.
In order to copy data as plain text to clipboard use menu Clip -> Copy as Plain Text or press Shift + Ctrl + Insert (or C).
Press Ctrl+Shift+V to paste clip as plain text in one click.

5. How to delete a clip in the history or even several clips at once?

Select the necessary clip and press Ctrl+Delete on the keyboard. The Delete Clip icon is also available on the toolbar.
Unfortunately, it is impossible to select several clips at once in the program at the moment, but this feature will be certainly added in future versions.

6. How to clear clipboard history?

  1. Open the program options (File -> Option or F4)
  2. Switch to the Database tab
  3. Click the Empty Database button.

7. Is it possible to automatically clear the clipboard history on exit?

Set the maximum number of saved clips to 0 on the Database tab in the program options.

8. Where is the clipboard history stored?

Clipdiary stores all saved data in one database file. You can see the path to the file on the Database tab in the program options.

9. How do I move the database to another computer?

  1. Copy the database (see the previous question) to the new computer to any suitable location.
  2. Open the Database tab in the program options.
  3. Click Switch to other database and specify the path to the copied file.

10. How to do so that data pasted from the history remains in the clipboard for recurrent use?

When you paste text from Clipdiary to another application, Clipdiary remembers the current clipboard content, pastes text and then recovers the clipboard. If you prefer the selected and pasted text to remain in the clipboard, for example, in order to paste it several times, disable recovering the clipboard content in the program settings, on the paste options tab.

11. I want to paste several items together. How can I do so that the program window won't hide after copy or paste?

Go to menu File and uncheck 'Hide after copying or pasting' option. Or press Ctrl+F2 on the keyboard. You can also use drag&drop.

12. Can I change the clip title?

Select the clip and press F2. More in our blog

13. I copied several pieces of text. Can I save all them into one file?

You can save clips to txt file. Select the needed clips and hit Clip->Advanced->Save text to file.

14. Can I delete several clips at once?

Yes you can. Select several clips using Ctrl or Shift key and mouse and delete them at once.

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