1. How does it work?

Clipdiary gets registered in the system as clipboard monitor and gets notifications about every change in the clipboard data. In other words, it monitors the clipboard and saves a copy of every copied bit of data to its database.

2. I want to disable monitoring the clipboard for some time

Just disable monitoring the clipboard and then enable it again. (see the next question).

3. What does the Monitor Clipboard menu item do?

Clipdiary monitors the clipboard and saves data to the clipboard history only if it is running and the Monitor Clipboard mode is active. You can temporarily disable keeping the history. For example, if you are going to copy some confidential information, just disable the Monitor Clipboard mode in the program menu.

4. What does the Empty Windows Clipboard menu item do?

You can use this command to clear the Windows clipboard. This command is not applied to the data that is already captured. If you want to clear the history kept by the program see how to delete all saved data?.

5. How does Clipdiary store data, does it need much memory or disk space?

Clipdiary stores saved data in the database file on the hard drive and only the last 5 clips are stored in memory to make it faster to search for dupplicates, thus it is possible to make memory usage as little as possible.
Collected data is compressed before it is saved to the database. So even if you often copy large images, the database will still have a reasonable size. For example, my current database occupies 50MB and contains 20 000 clips - everything I have copied for the last year.

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For such a simple application, it's astonishingly useful. VERY handy. It's on my permanent keep list.Thank you! Much appreciated.

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